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Hosted By: Nicole Fenner 

Guest: Sim Sidhu

Date: Sunday October 9, 14:00-16:30

A Full Moon occurs when the sun and moon are opposite from each other, gravitationally influencing the earth. With its pull, it changes the tides of the ocean, signifying fulfilment and completion. It also calls for reflection and gratitude for the abundance in your life.

“Full” is the term describing the moon as it reflects light from the sun. It denotes an abundance of acquired goodness, heightened energy, receptivity and strength, but this fullness can also manifest in the overflow of emotions, erratic behavior and overheated conversations, bringing with them physical and emotional tension.

In this circle, Nicole will invite Sim to join us, and explain in more detail; the effect a full moon has on our beings and will take us through a yoga flow that aims to  replenish your energy yet at the same time is highly soothing.

You will leave this session with a better understanding of how the moon cycle impacts our beings and how you can harness this to your best ability. 

About Sim Sidhu:

Sim believes the world needs more gentleness and kindness and therefore we need to relax. When we relax, we can come more into our natural state, which is a very soothing state. From being relaxed, comes releasing. Releasing whatever we don't need anymore on any level. Releasing without pushing it out, but letting it go by realizing we simply don't need it anymore. 

We know that influence of the moon on our oceans and we are beings that contain a lot of water as well. Sim has always been intrigued by how the moon cycle effects us as women.  Sometimes our own cycles run 1 on 1 with the moon! Being aware of the moon and it's cycle can helped Sim and will help us understand more about ourselves and our behavior. Just like the moon has different phases, so do we.