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Women's Circle-
Community & Connection

Guided by Nicole Fenner, Community & Connection is the journey to create a supportive, safe space where women come together to share, build community and connect with one another and with themselves.  

To allow for the true purpose of a Women’s Circle journey, namely; community & connection – we encourage you to join all or as many of our Circles as possible. 

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Welcome to Community & Connection including
Cacao Ceremony & functional mushrooms 
with Nicole Fenner 

Sunday July 17


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Human Design
with Keri Bainborough and Nicole Fenner

Sunday September 11

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Full Moon Yoga Flow
with Sim Sidhu and Nicole Fenner

Sunday October 9


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Fascia Release
with Cleo Kwaaitaal and 
Nicole Fenner

Sunday November 6


Revitalizing Amstel River Dip & Breathing Techniques
with Rick van der Deure
from Mind the Body and Nicole Fenner

Saturday December 10

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Stay tuned 
More to come!