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Everything what you need to know about the transition to Bluebirds Zuid studio.

  • I have an active membership with Studio Balance - what do I need to do in order to book classes for January 2024?

In order to continue to book classes from January onwards, your subscription must be re-activated. You can do it by sending an email to or by purchasing a new membership at Bluebirds website.

  • Will the price of membership change?

Yes, there will be Bluebirds Membersip offer avaiable for you: 

Bluebirds Unlimited - 85 € / month, with unlimited access to all classes at all Bluebirds locations in Amsterdam (Oost, West and Zuid)

Bluebirds Daluren - 65 € / month, with unlimited access to classes on Monday to Friday until 5 p.m. (the last class you can book within this subscription ends at 5 p.m.) at all Bluebirds locations in Amsterdam (Oost, West and Zuid). Important: this membership doesn't include access to classes on weekends.

  • What is going to happen with my current subscription?

Your Studio Balance subscription will terminate automatically on the 31st of December.


Stripcards & Vouchers
  • I still have credits purchased at Studio Balance, will the transition to Bluebirds Zuid affect my remaining credits of a 5/10/20/50 class card?

All remaining credits will be automatically transferred over to Bluebirds Zuid Eversports booking system before January 1st - no action is required on your part.

  • What stripcards will be available at Bluebirds Zuid?

Please visit Bluebirds website to see the overview of offered stripcards.

  • I received a gift voucher that I haven't usde yet and it is still valid, will I be able to redeem it via Bluebirds?

Yes! In order to transfer over your voucher to Buebirds Zuid please contact us via email:


  • Will all classes stay the same?

Majority of the classes will stay the same, yet you will notice some of them may have new names (please see next question). The only classes which will be discontinued are The Set and Face Yoga.

  • I cannot find Scuplt & Tone class in the schedule, is it discontinued?

Bluebirds uses the same name of classes across all the studios in order to provide you with a consistent experience no matter which location you chose. Please see name guide here. In the schedule you can find the Sculpt & Tone class with Julie under the Superles name.

  • How can I book a class at Bluebirds Zuid?

Bluebirds, just like Studio Balance, is using Eversports as their booking platform. You can book your classes in January onwards either ⁠by visiting Bluebirds website, entering the schedule page, and choosing Bluebirds Zuid location or by using the Eversports app by finding Bluebirds Zuid schedule.


New Schedule
  • Is the new schedule bookable?

Yes! You can check Bluebirds Zuid January schedule here.

  • Will schedule stay as it is now?

The times of classes have slightly changed - all morning classes will start at 7:30. We added extra classes to Bluebirds Zuid schedule at 10:30 and 17:00.

Everyday during the week at 10:30 we will be offering a Healing Hour class: on Monday - Yin Yoga with John (NEW!), Tuesday - Yin + Reiki class with Eliana (NEW!), Thursday - Yin Yoga + Breathwork with Sara (NEW!)

  • Can I already book classes from the new schedule?

Yes! Follow the link and book your first class in Bluebirds Zuid today!


  • Will the team of teachers stay the same?

Majority of the teachers will continue giving same classes as you know! What is more you will meet new teachers who you may already know from participating in classes at other Bluebirds locations. Good to know: some of teachers may be travelling - therefore if you are not sure if your favourite teacher will teach

a class soon - ask our hosts! 

  • Who will be running the studio ?

The studio will be operating with the same team of hosts, who used to welcome you in Studio Balance, led by Julia - our Studio Manager.

  • Will Chrissie still work in the back of the studio operations?

No, our dearest Chrissie is entering a new professional path and looks back at her time with Studio Balance with great joy and happiness! She will, however, continue to take classes with us - the main reason she began the studio in the first place!


Didn't find answer for your question?

Visit Bluebirds website or send an email to

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