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Pre & Postnatal Safe Lessons

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Being pregnant or just having had a baby requires that you (begin to) move in a careful and safe way.

We noticed and received a lot of feedback that Mama's to-be miss 'normal' classes. We wanted to therefore share with you below what our Pre & Postnatal Safe classes are as of 14 weeks pregnant:

We recommend that you check always with your GP if the above classes are suitable for you personally. Additionally, we ask you to always let the teacher know that you're pre/postnatal for them to offer you appropriate modifications. 

Also, keep an eye on our events page because we regularly offer Mama & Baby Ashtanga Vinyasa classes with Kasia Pokrop!

*In order to ensure you receive the most out of the Yin classes, we recommend that you join primarily in your first and second trimester. 

  • The Set with Shane

  • Yin Yoga with Susan and Merel*

  • Restorative Yin with Merel

  • Gentle Vinyasa & Face Yoga with Debbie

  • Restorative Yoga with Selma

  • Essentrics with Elisa and Petra

  • Barre (Booty) with Kinga

  • Pilates with Bettina on Mondays 17:00-18:00

  • Beginners Vinyasa with Selma

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