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Why are we so obsessed with daily matcha drinking ?

🍵 Drinking matcha regularly can have a positive influence on your health and overall wellbeing.

What is matcha?

It is powdered green tea grown using the shading method which results in leaves producing more micronutrients. It contains caffeine, but the energy from matcha is provided for several hours and does not cause a sudden drop in energy after that time.

Recently we got hooked on drinking matcha, so much so that we decided to have it in our studio! Why? Check below what are benefits of regular matcha intake:

🌱Drinking matcha regularly can have a positive influence on your health and overall wellbeing.

🌱Thanks to high amounts of antioxidants (catechins from the group of polyphenols) it slows down the aging of body cells, supports your skin by removing toxins, boosting hydration and making it more resilient to sun damage.

🌱Its anti-inflammatory properties help your body to regenerate, while L-theanine helps maintain proper levels of dopamine and serotonin!

🌱Not to mention that the energy from matcha is sustained in the body for several hours, while your mind is calmed down and concentration is increased!

🌱Matcha drinkers call it "Zen energy" - very helpful for performing difficult tasks.

After listing all those great advantages I hope you got curious how it tastes!

To share our love for matcha we’ve set up a free 🍵WEEKLY COMMUNITY MATCHA 🍵 at Studio Balance. Every Saturday you will find a prepared pot of matcha tea in our foyer with some milk next to it in case you’d like a latte version. We hope you will like it!

We’d love to see you staying longer after the class to enjoy a sip of this green balanced energy to sustain the harmony of your mind, body and soul for the rest of your day!

Take a moment for yourself and enjoy a cup of matcha or kukicha in the Studio's foyer! It’s on the house!

By the way! We chose Moya Matcha as our go-to matcha brand - a polish based brand which produces and sells authentic Japanese organic matcha cultivated and harvested on small family-owned organic tea fields in the Uji region of Kyoto Prefecture. The Uji region is famous for its fertile soils and clean water and for the cultivation of the highest quality green tea for over 800 years. Its quality is confirmed by rigorous standards, EU-organic certification and Japanese organic certificate issued by JONA. This means that Moya Matcha is grown on lands free of pesticides and every batch is carefully checked for potential chemical residue.

About the green teas which you can try and buy at the Studio:

  • Matcha Traditional (30g, 15€) has a well BALANCED bitter-sweet taste and creamy texture, delicious on its own or which makes it a great offer for drinking alone or using it for lattes, smoothies and lemonades!

  • While Kukicha (30g, 9,50€ ) is a Japanese organic green tea low on caffeine, considered a macrobiotic tea because of its alkalizing properties and high calcium content. What’s great about it is it can be drunk by kids, pregnant women and elderly.

Consider yourself spoilt!


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