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There’s no denying it, pregnancy takes a toll on one’s body…

You may experience lower back pain, decreased core strength, abdominal separation and possibly even some pelvic floor issues.

At the same time, you want to stay active, better yet – you need to stay active.

By taking Pre & Postnatal safe classes you’re able to stay active but in a way that is safe, both for you and your baby.

Our Pre & Postnatal classes aim to offer a low impact workout that focuses on getting the foundations right first; to prevent any further injury by:

☑️ Improving your core strength

☑️ Improving your posture through stretching

☑️ Improving your energy level and sense of wellbeing

☑️ Increasing your pelvic floor strength

☑️ Helping you maintain a healthy weight

☑️ Reducing back pain

☑️ Helping speed up your recovery post-partum

Being pregnant or just having had a baby requires that you (begin to) move in a careful and safe way. We noticed and received a lot of feedback that Mama's to-be miss 'normal' classes. We wanted to therefore share with you what our Pre & Postnatal Safe classes are as of 14 weeks pregnant:

We recommend that you check always with your GP if the above classes are suitable for you personally. Additionally, we ask you to always let the teacher know that you're pre/postnatal for them to offer you appropriate modifications. *In order to ensure you receive the most out of the Yin classes, we recommend that you join primarily in your first and second trimester.

Importantly, we offer a safe environment for you to practice with fellow mom’s-to-be or mom’s. A place where you can also share your stories and maybe support one another where needed.

If you have any questions regarding which type of lesson fits you and your needs best please don't hesitate to email, call or ask one of our hosts in the studio!

We hope to see you on the mat!


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