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How can you best prepare for a class at Studio Balance?

Here you can read tips which will inform you how to fully prepare yourself beforehand in order to have the most seamless experience of your first for a class at Studio Balance.

What to wear?

We recommend that you wear comfortable and breathable clothes that allow you to move freely. It is good if the clothes are form-fitting so you are not distracted by them while flowing through the movement. If you booked a#YinYoga,#Restorative or similar calmer class, you may want to bring a sweater and socks to put on at the end and cosy up (as you may cool down a bit). If sipping water during the class is in your practice remember to bring a (re-usable) water bottle. Apart from these items, our studio is equipped with blocks, cushions, blankets, bolsters and straps including#Lululemon yoga mats. You are always welcome to bring your own mat if you prefer to, but it's not necessary. All our classes are taught in English.

How much time before a class shall I have my meal?

Everyone is different in their metabolism and energy regulations but we recommend eating a light snack no later than one hour before class starts. That way the snack can settle on time before the class for the best results. Our favourite go-to’s are bananas, a protein bar or a small peanut butter sandwich! It is also good to have a post-snack.

Yogis etiquette

We recommend that you arrive ~10 minutes before the start of your class. It's not possible to join the class once it already has started. Leave your phone on mute / turned off (including alarms are switched off) in the locker. If you have a habit of drinking water during your practice remember to bring a closed water bottle with you to stay hydrated.

Phone and a glass of water are not permitted inside the classroom.

Respect the noise level of the studio uppon the arrival - certainly there is a previous class finishing in the room, therefore we want to avoid disrupting other yogis precious minutes of savasana.

After the class

After the class, you can enjoy our shower and freely available shampoos and shower gels by Marie Stella Maris. Ask our hosts for shower and a blow dryer.

It is important to hydrate well after all our classes by making sure that you either have a large glass of water, tea or matcha to drink. We offer free nourishing herbal teas by Senza Tea or matcha tea by Moya Matcha at the studio. Consider yourself spoilt!


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