Pilates is a training method based on posture, stability, coordination and focuses on body and mind. It is an effective workout that strengthens and stretches muscle groups at the same time to get a balanced and supple body. The whole body is involved in pilates. But you mainly train your core stability. You need these muscles to perform all kinds of movements. A stable, strong core reduces the risk of injury, therefore it is wise to train the stability of your core!

prenatal pilates

Pilates is the perfect workout during your pregnancy. All exercises are specifically aimed at the part of your body that you use to the maximum for nine months. Pilates will provide a good foundation both during and after your delivery.
We want to help you train your body safely during pregnancy. Pilates is ideally suited for this because you calmly and concentratedly bring your back, abdomen and pelvis in optimal condition. Perfect for you and your child.

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