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Mama Ashtanga Baby

Mama & Baby ashtanga vinyasa
with kasia pokrop

tuesday September 13

You just had your baby and would like to get back on the mat but you don’t always have someone to take care of your little one?


Then this class is just what you have been looking for!

As long as your baby is older than 6 weeks, but young enough to still be in their crawling phase, we would love to see you both with us!

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Evening special live Piano & Vinyasa Flow session
by Tamar and Frank

Sunday September 25

Yoga and piano with everyone from all walks of life. 

A harmony between ancient wisdom and the piano. 

Move and be moved through the music.

An evening Vinyasa yoga class where we flow with breath and movement while letting the energy flow together with the piano.

The piano is played by Frank & you will be guided through your Vinyasa flow by Tamar

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interested in organizing an event at the studio?

Our studio offers many options for you to consider for both personal and professional gatherings. 

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Starting your own meditation practice
by Daria Mnych 

understanding the basics

sunday october 2 

Would you like to start your own meditation practice, but you don’t know how?

In this workshop you will learn how to set the first steps to practice silence with easy techniques. You will learn how to set up your personal space and develop the discipline for your own practice.

You will experience different hands-on techniques, which will help you to set priorities in your daily life and therefore create more overview and peace.

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Breathwork workshop
by Luc WultErkens

Sunday July 10

Did you know your breath can lower your heartbeat, lower your blood pressure, change your PH within minutes. ​Did you know that your breath also supports fighting anxiety, depression & burn out?

Luc will give you an introduction to the ancient breathing exercises. 

​Prepare yourself for various breathing sessions combined with an in-depth explanation on the pranayama techniques, usage and effects.

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