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to Yoga


With Susan Keizers

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Saturday | January 13 | 14:15 - 15:30

Are you (completely) new to Yoga?  Or have you not practiced in a while (or on and off) and do you wish to start (again) with the right foundations? Are you sometimes looking at a studio’s schedule of Yoga classes and you honestly don’t know which is which and which class is best for you? Don’t worry, we got you with this Introduction to Yoga Workshop guided by Susan Keizers. In this Workshop, Susan will talk you through in plain & simple English and high-level what the Yoga philosophy is as well as highlight what the different types of Yoga are (using clear examples). Please note that the workshop is set up into 2 main parts; 1) The first part focuses on offering you an explanation of what Yoga is followed by the second part, 2) Namely the practical application of the most common poses in a more yang (active) Yoga practice.  This Workshop is for All Levels, and we ask you to please wear lose fitting fitness close that allow you to move freely.

Master your alignment 
- A Barre Masterclass


With Taylor Geiger


More information coming soon

Postponed - New date coming soon! 

Whoever has tried barre once knows that it may look easy and light, but it actually takes a lot of strength and muscle control practice! Barre is a great mix of workout, dance and fun all together! You will have an opportunity to learn about proper technique and alignments from one of the best teachers in Amsterdam - the one and only Taylor! Do you want to master your barre moves to take your practice to another level? Are you ready to learn more about your body's capabilities working out at the barre? If yes, then this Barre Masterclass is for you!

The Ayurvedic Lifestyle: Healing your body and mind with Ayurveda'

with Sabrina Wandl


Early bird - 45€

Saturday | 20 of January | 15:00 - 18:00

Are you looking for tools to build a balanced routine as a part of your New Year's resolutions? Get to know the basics of Ayurveda! During this workshop Sabrina will show you what Ayurveda is and what is its origin. You will learn about the 5 elements and how these make up the three Doshas. Next to it, you will find out what your unique Dosha constitution is (the prakruti) and what to do when it is out of balance. Together we will dive into the impacts of certain ayurvedic foods on the doshas and you will taste the most common ayurvedic herbs. The workshop will finish with a Yoga and meditation routine to balance the Doshas which you can incorporate to your daily routine.

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