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Mama Ashtanga Baby

Mama & Baby ashtanga vinyasa
with kasia pokrop

tuesday January 31

You just had your baby and would like to get back on the mat but you don’t always have someone to take care of your little one?


Then this class is just what you have been looking for!

As long as your baby is older than 6 weeks, but young enough to still be in their crawling phase, we would love to see you both with us!

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6-week Burnout Prevention Program
with daria mnych 

Saturdays from
13:00-14:30 on
February 25,
March 4, 11, 25,
April 1 & 8

In this 6-week program, you will learn how to reset your nervous system, create healthy habits and become better at managing stressful moments so you can live fully, find peace of mind and feel in charge of your own life.

Daria has created this special and effective 6-week Burnout Prevention program, which was previously only taught in private sessions. Daria has honed in on 6 key topics and optimized the programme into six highly effective yet compact 1.5 hour sessions that will take place in a small group setting.

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2022.07 Studio Balance Amsterdam-101.jpg

by sIM sIDHU

Sunday December 4

Everything in nature slows down during this season. Trees release all the dead weight they can to survive until the new Year. So let's slow down, begin preserving our energy and prepare ourselves for Winter.

Winter is connected to the Kidney and Urinary Bladder meridians. These are the primary organs that move water through the body. In Traditional Chinese Medicine water is associated with the Winter season. To create balance in Wintertime, we want to target these meridians.

In this workshop you will practice different techniques to bring energy into motion, to shed what you no longer need.

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interested in organizing an event at the studio?

Our studio offers many options for you to consider for both personal and professional gatherings. 

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