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The View - collection launch event

With Susan Keizers


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Please let us know if you are coming!

Friday | October 6th | 17:00 - 18:00

From the 30th of september Studio Balance will host The View yoga wear pop-up! We are bringing to you the opportunity to see, touch and try clothes made with yoga values in mind. Susan who you may know from "the mat" prepared special prices for our community! The official collection launch is happening on Friday, 7th of Ocotber. You are weclome to come over from 17:00 to 18:00 to ask Susan Keizer about origin of the clothes and her brand! Free entrance but registration required - please let us know if you are coming.

The Set - Special 90 min class!

With Shane Camaro

Photo Teacher Shane

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90 min class

Sunday | October 15th | 13:00-14:30

A delicious and special 90 minute beat-driven mat-based class that combines strength & mobility conditioning, Yoga, Pilates, Barre and a great DJ all in one class!  This is an energizing low impact full-body workout for everyone and all levels. Join us for a terrific class and afterwards for some snacks and drinks in a little mix & mingle (of course you don't have to stay afterwards if you don't wish to!)

Unlocking Radiance - Face Yoga Workshop

with Debbie van Leeuwen


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Saturday |  October 21st | 13:30-15:30

Welcome to the "Unlocking Radiance: Face Yoga Workshop," with Debbie where you'll embark on a transformative journey to enhance the health, beauty, and vitality of your face naturally. ​Often we are very focused on our faces, but never think to work the facial muscles as we do with our bodies. Just as yoga revitalizes your body and mind, Face Yoga releases tension, relaxes your facial muscles, rejuvenates, builds strength, tones and restores glow. In this workshop, you'll discover the incredible benefits of Face Yoga (which reach far beyond 'just' the face) and will learn practical techniques to integrate into your daily routine.

Master your alignment 
- A Barre Masterclass


With Taylor Geiger

Saturday | November 11th | 13:30 - 16:00

Whoever has tried barre once knows that it may look easy and light, but it actually takes a lot of strength and muscle control practice! Barre is a great mix of workout, dance and fun all together! You will have an opportunity to learn about proper technique and alignments from one of the best teachers in Amsterdam - the one and only Taylor! Do you want to master your barre moves to take your practice to another level? Are you ready to learn more about your body's capabilities working out at the barre? If yes, then this Barre Masterclass is for you!

A special
2-hour Restorative & Yoga Nidra class

with Sim Sidhu

Sim Yin Class.jpg
Saturday | October 28th | 13:00-15:00
Saturday | December 21st | 13:00-15:00

Come and enjoy a long relaxing and resetting two-hour Restorative & Yoga Nidra class guided by Sim. At the end of October Autumn will have fully arrived in Amsterdam. In Fall the Summer-yang energy starts shifting to more yin. To make this transition easier, we have a special two-hour yoga class scheduled for you. This long/extended class will be all about relaxing, resting, even arriving in your body. Feeling what is present, feeling what your body might need more of in the colder months to come.

Soften in Order to Strengthen
- A Pilates Masterclass

With Brittany Anthony

Sunday | November 26th | 13:00-15:30

We noticed that many of us, us included, take a Pilates class without really knowing the fundamentals of the practice and how, once we learn these, that it really helped deepen our practice to a whole new level. That is why we wanted to offer you a masterclass that allows you to gain insight in the Pilates fundamentals that you can take with you in your next Pilates classes .

of Essentrics Workshop

with Petra Blank

Sunday |  November 12th | 13:00-14:30

We've designed a workshop together with Petra that is both for those new to Essentrics and for those who have been practicing Essentrics on frequently! Essentrics is a full body workout that blends strength training and fluid stretches so you can improve posture & flexibility, increase range of motion, balance your body & enhance brain-body connection. Learn the essentials and maximise the benefits from Essentrics in this workshop. To name a few benefits: increased strength & flexibility, toned muscles, functional mobility, increased energy, enhanced balance and relief for chronic pain! We've built the workshop in a way that it's compact, insightful, fun & effective!

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