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With over 15 different classes in diverse styles, we’ll make sure your workout never gets boring. Our very talented team of teachers come from all over the world and are ready to offer you a fantastic experience at Studio Balance.

All of our classes are taught in English and accommodate any body type and every person’s unique physical abilities. So if you’re a beginner or more experienced, there’s always a place for you at Studio Balance!

Please also check out our PRE AND POSTNATAL safe lessons!


Yoga is a mind and body practice. Various styles of yoga combine physical postures, breathing techniques, and meditation or relaxation.  

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We offer several yoga classes including: Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Restotative and Yin Yoga

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Barre is a mixture of ballet-inspired exercises, yoga,  pilates and strength training. In barre you use primarily your own body weight to build and strengthen your muscles, improve your core strength. ​

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Barre focuses on high reps of small range movements so get ready for that burning sensation! 

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Pilates is a low impact workout that includes stretching, strength exercises and conscious breathing.  The focus in pilates is on the core – the back, stomach and pelvic floor muscles.  
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This class will increase one's flexibility, balance, good posture and coordination. 

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Essentrics draws from ballet, Tai Chi, and physiotherapy. It is a full body workout combining stretching, strengthening and engaging all your muscles.  Essentrics is accessible for all ages and levels.
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This class will increase one's flexibility and mobility and is therefore amazing for pain relief and much more.

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How to best prepare for your class?

In order to be fully prepared for the class, we recommend that you wear clothes that allow you to move freely. 

If you booked a Yin Yoga or similar class, you may want to bring a sweater and socks to put on at the end (as you may cool down a bit). You may also want to bring a (re-usable) water bottle.


Apart from these items, everything you need for the classes are provided – including our yoga mats by Lululemon. All our classes are taught in English. 

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We recommend that you arrive ~10 minutes before the start of your class. We won't unfortunately allow anyone to come in once the class has started. 

Phones are not permitted inside the classroom and we ask that you double check that your phone is on silent when you put it away (including alarms are switched off).

It's on the house! After the class, you can enjoy our shower and freely available shampoos and shower gels by Marie Stella Maris. You can also enjoy free nourishing herbal tea by Senza Tea or matcha tea by Moya Match after the class. Consider yourself spoilt! 

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