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barre Dance

We'll begin the class with 3-5 short dance routines, increasing your heart rate and preparing you for ~20 minutes at the barre with ballet inspired endurance movements. We'll finish the class on the mat with some weights or muscle strengthening exercises before moving into our stretch sequence. 

Each classes routine lasts 5-weeks before we begin a new routine. This allows you to get familiar with and grow into the different dance/barre steps, postures and poses for several weeks consecutively 

You'll leave with a clear head, a little sweaty and energized!.


A beat-driven mat-based class that combines strength & mobility conditioning, Yoga, Pilates, Barre and a great DJ all in one class! 

This is an energizing low impact full-body workout for everyone and all levels.

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This class will challenge your entire body. It's a full-body workout!

It is the perfect combination of ballet, strength, and flexibility, combined into a cardio format.

Glutes are the largest and the most important group of muscles in our body.

There are many benefits to having strong glutes. Strong glutes help to stabilize the pelvic and movement in the hip joint. 

Therefore having strong glutes means that your lower back doesn't bear the full force of your motion.

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