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Afro and Dancehall workshop

with Sabou Dance Academy

Saturday, September 23rd 
14:30- 16:30

The benefits of this workshop for you:

Dance workshops led by Sabou are one of a kind. She creates a space where you will enter the free flow of movements and (re)awaken the joy, celebrations and liberation in each cell of your body! 


You will explore funky, vibrant, high energy afro & dancehall dance moves with Afro and Caribbean music! You will explore and (re)connect to yourself and others, by learning how to bring playfulness and curiosity towards our ways of movement as well as expressing ourselves through movement.  

To prolong this delicious summer feeling and the feeling of only good vibes, this workshop focuses on liberating our bunda(freeing your hips) and feeling wild with our movements, expressing our emotions and sensations and enjoying lots of dancing!

During as well as after this workshop, you will feel  energised, moved and re-connected with your body! Guaranteed! 


This workshop is for all dance levels, ALL - we promise! Just be ready to have a good time!

How will the afternoon look like:

The class will start with a guided meditation to set up the mood with intention for the class.


  • Free flow warm up

  • Grooves and foundations of Afro and Dancehall dances

  • A mini choreography based on the learned moves 

  • Movement performance, character, attitude

  • Dancing together 


​We'll close the workshop off with tea and/or matcha and some vegan healthy bites.​


This is an All Levels class - therefore we welcome all movement and rhythm enthusiasts to shake and liberate with Afro and Dancehall moves!

What to bring:

Your energy and willingness to make it happen, big smile and of course water, towel and comfortable clothing.


  • Studio Balance members: 35€

  • Non-Studio Balance members: 40€

Meet you Afro Dance teacher - Sabrine (she goes by Sabou)!


Sabou fell in love with traditional Ghanaian dances in 2015 whilst in Finland (of all places!), and she became obsessed with the beats, drums, movements, emotions it made her feel. The obsession with the new style turned into a path of deepening Sabou’s knowledge by understanding Ghanaian dances' meaning by attending more and more workshops, which became key to her appreciating and honouring this culture. 


For Sabou, dance is a way to bring more awareness to the body, build a healthier relationship with it, to share her story and increase levels of self-confidence and self-esteem.

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