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Community acupuncture
for women


Women today are pulled in more directions than ever before and acupuncture can help significantly in maintaining a good quality of life. What we notice is that many women cannot always find a solution for their needs in conventional medicine and are turning to complementary medicine such as acupuncture for support. 


Acupuncture is one of the most researched complementary medicine and can help vestibulodynia, menstruation issues, endometriosis, emotional wellness, lowered immune systems, sudden weight loss/gaining, insomnia, infertility, pregnancy pains, morning sickness, postpartum depression and so much more. 


Acupuncture is a safe ancient technique for therapeutic or preventive purposes by inserting thin disposable needles through the skin at the selected acupuncture points scientifically acknowledged as effective for chronic pain.



Orit's focus specifically in her community acupuncture is to treat women with vulvodynia,  vulva and vaginal pain. The pain can be any unpleasant feeling (burning, itching, stinging, stabbing) in the opening of the vagina, in the labia, the clitoral hood or any other part of the vulva. In most cases the pain is called vestibulodynia and arises only with direct contact such as insertion of a tampon, during or after sexual intercourse, cycling, sitting for too long, wearing tight pants or jeans, etc. In some cases, the pain shows spontaneously without contact.


In Orit's 15 years of experience in the treatment of vulvodynia, Orit saw that the healing process is faster with twice weekly acupuncture treatments. Since most patients can’t afford it, she decided to embrace the beautiful concept of community acupuncture to reduce the costs of the treatment only for people with chronic vulvar and vaginal pain.

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Orit is a Chinese medicine therapist since 2004. Since 2019, she has been a member of the Dutch Association Landelijke Vereniging Natuurgeneeskundig Therapeuten and is based in Amsterdam.

For over 15 years, Orit has had the privilege to be part of a life-changing process for hundreds of women who suffered from chronic vulvar and vaginal pain. Her collaboration with the gynaecologist Dr Liora Abramov, one of the leading experts in vulvodynia in Israel, led her onto this path. From there, after eight years of practice and extensive research, she wrote the first detailed article ever published in the professional Chinese medicine literature about vulvodynia.

Now, as always, she is committed to extending her knowledge in this area and raising awareness of vulvodynia. The resulting success of her treatment has become her mission.

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I don’t have to live with vulvar pain and discomfort, it has a solution.

I didn’t always suffer from vulvar pain and discomfort during intercourse, it started all of a sudden. I used to enjoy sex and it has always been an inherent part of my relationships. When the pain started it caused mental difficulty, mainly within my relationships.

I went through a long process of fear with medical examinations by doctors that disrespected my pain, told me that it was all in my head, didn’t diagnose the problem correctly, and prescribed me the wrong treatments and because of them I completely lost trust and faith.

The treatment with Orit was positive, sensitive and empathetic, strengthening and deep in so many ways. Beyond that, thanks to her I learned that my problem has a diagnosis and a name. Orit supported me against the complexity and difficulties of the pain, also within my relationships, she was my therapist and a friend.

Eventually, the treatment improved the quality of my life in so many other ways apart from the original problem I came with and made me feel that I have a place to turn to even when western medicine and the system have failed. And especially helpful is that I don’t have to live with vulvar pain and discomfort, it has a solution.

- S's story

Orit's dedicated treatment renewed the acquaintance between my body and me, it balanced me, improved my self-esteem and gave me the added value in many other aspects of life.

I reached Orit after a few years of seeing many doctors and treatments. I tried physiotherapy, ointments and medications. I tried and tried until surgery was suggested, at this point I said enough.

During treatment, my knowledge and awareness of my body grew, my diet improved, and along with the changes I went through I couldn’t find any excuses for taking birth control pills (in particular when there is no penetration and risk for pregnancy)  an issue that came up more than once with Orit.

I just stopped taking the pills.

Within a short time, I felt dramatic progress, both in the intensity of the pain and in my sexuality. I don’t look back since, I just regret not making this choice earlier.


Orit's dedicated treatment renewed the acquaintance between my body and me, it balanced me, improved my self-esteem and gave me the added value in many other aspects of life.


And of course, today I approach sex with excitement and not as a duty, I never thought it could happen before meeting Orit.


- L's story

By combining diet changes, yoga, conversations and acupuncture, of course, my body got back its libido, motivation, and connection

I have never enjoyed sex, I always thought that it was not for me, and I always blamed my partners for being too insensitive, I blamed the dryness, the stress, and my character, I used to tell myself that I was not sexual and that I'd better give up.

When the partner who was worth trying hard for arrived I turned to my gynaecologist and told him that I was experiencing pain and a burning sensation during penetration. He examined me carefully and said that he cannot observe any physical problem and referred me to a gynaecologist and sexologist expert in vulvar and vaginal pain.


I will not elaborate on all the treatment stages, but I can say that from here started a painful, sad and exhausting saga including too many doctors, examinations, ointments, rubbing, and mainly sadness for not being able to have sex with my husband.  

After another difficult conversation with my husband about the situation, I told a friend about it. She said that she saw recommendations about a Chinese medicine therapist who specializes in gynaecological diseases. I decided to give it one last chance.

That is how I met Orit, the Chinese medicine therapist who has changed my life. Orit exposed me to the Chinese medicine world, step by step, gently but insistently, she exposed me to the close relationship between my body and my mental state. For the first time, I wasn’t asked to say what I have but what I feel. 

Orit treated me professionally and with care, and slowly I could feel my body again.


By combining diet changes, yoga, conversations and acupuncture, of course, my body got back its libido, motivation, and connection. I stopped crying and became fulfilled with faith in getting back my body, intimacy and contact. Orit is not only an acupuncturist but also an expert on the female's body, she gave me hope where gynaecology has failed. Thanks to her I am back to being the woman I am today who can feel, enjoy and love.

- Á's story

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