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be mindful in your cycle
achieving a more relaxed menstrual cycle
with orit zilberman & merel uitendaal 

Sunday, September 10th 
13:00- 16:00

The benefits of this workshop:

Every day in a woman’s cycle may feel different. Having a healthy menstrual cycle is having constant hormonal changes.


These hormonal changes influence all body aspects, physically and mentally, and it’s completely normal! But sometimes it can feel too much to handle. In an ideal world, women could take a break when it becomes too much, but for most of us, it’s not possible and the discomfort or pain negatively affects our daily function.

From our experience, being mindful of the discomfort, stretching our pelvis, pressing on acupuncture points, and having a suitable lifestyle can help women handle their daily functioning during their cycle. In addition, a better lifestyle can prevent the discomforts from growing and evolving into a chronic condition.

If we eat, sleep, move and breathe better we’d feel better mentally and physically and our bodies could heal and prevent illnesses or their aggravation.

That is why Merel (Yin Yoga Teacher) and Orit (Chinese Medicine Therapist) created a special workshop to provide women with the understanding and the tools for self-management of their difficulties along their cycle. 

Who is it for:

All woman above the age of 18 who wish to independently treat the difficulties with her cycle are welcome. 


What to expect:

A workshop for the natural paracetamol. Dive into the benefits of Yin Yoga, Acupressure and Acupuncture to support your menstrual cycle. Orit and Merel's aim is to give you the independency for self treatment, to understand the needs of your body and to learn how to prevent discomfort from becoming pain.

**Our afternoon will include:**

~A grounding and connecting meditation together

~Shared insights & knowledge on the benefits of Yin Yoga, Acupressure and Acupuncture on the female body

~A comforting and slow Yin Yoga class guided by Merel with acupressure by Orit 


You will leave with the tools and more self-knowledge on how to support your own bodies menstrual cycle.

What to bring:

Comfortable & loose clothing. Healthy vegan snacks as well as tea will be provided on location. 

Price: €45  

About Orit Zilberman: 

Orit is a Chinese medicine therapist since 2004. Since 2019, she has been a member of the Dutch Association Landelijke Vereniging Natuurgeneeskundig Therapeuten and is based in Amsterdam. For over 19 years, Orit has had the privilege to be part of a life-changing process for hundreds of women. Every Tuesday & Thursday she offers group acupuncture sessions at Studio Balance.

About Merel Uitendaal

Merel became a Yin Yoga teacher in order to share the positive impact that it has on our minds and bodies with others. Her mission is to share how you can find peace within, while balancing everything around us in this beautiful city.  With her several years of experience, Merel offers a combination of Yin poses that make each class interesting yet at the same time very calming. Immediately when you meet Merel you feel safe and comfortable and this resonates in her classes.

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