a place to (re-)balance one's lifestyle, for everyone, no matter your experience

Our newly renovated yoga studio is located in the heart of the Rivierenbuurt in Amsterdam.




Photo Jip van den Bergs


Photo Chrissie Aben


Welcome! First of all thank you very much for your interest in Studio Balance. 

We are very passionate about our studio and we hope to pay it forward to you and our other students.


Our names are Jip and Chrissie and we have been advent yoga, pilates, essentrics and barre enthusiasts for many years. We leave the teaching part to our very skilled teachers, but it is very likely that you’ll see us participating in our classes sweating, stretching or meditating next to you.

If you ask Jip “where are you from in the Netherlands?” you will get a shrug of the shoulder, a raise of an eyebrow and a response “everywhere!”. Jip was born in Heerenveen but has lived in many places in

the Netherlands. Chrissie too lived in many places but primarily outside of the Netherlands, being born and raised in the Caribbean.


Seeking balance in our daily lives is an important and constant factor for the both of us. We both have autoimmune deficiencies which make us lose balance easier than others. For that reason, we wanted to open a studio where balance is key. Take that moment for yourself, refocus on what is important and to work on strengthening yourself.

After being neighbours in the same building in Amsterdam East, we both coincidentally moved to the Rivierenbuurt at the same time in the summer of 2020 and noticed that there were sadly few to no yoga studios in the area. But we are here to change that! With studio Balance, we hope to offer you your favourite classes close by so you can (re-)balance your lifestyle!


We hope to see you very soon in our lovely studio!